Coach Cameron

Tell us about yourself Cam!

"CrossFit has changed my life."  This statement is one that I can honestly say and it is because of this statement that I became a coach.  Never before had I encountered such a powerful fitness methodology.  I was an athlete all throughout high school and basketball was my sport. I had the opportunity to continue on to play four years at Grace Bible College where we won four National Championships.  During my athletic career there was no motivation for me personally to develop myself physically much outside of basketball because there was no push.  Well I found the push I needed after college when a co-worker and I walked into a gym after we decided to give CrossFit a try... The rest is history.  I have immersed myself with CrossFit, and along with being fitter then I have ever been in my life, the community I have found is without equal.  It is because of CrossFit's ability to bring people together from all walks of life and propel them to be better as people that we started The Claw Crossfit.  When your job is to help others do things they never thought would be possible for them, it makes it easy to wake up in the morning. "CrossFit has changed my life." I can't wait to help anyone who is willing, make this statement true for themselves the way it is true for me.