Coach Christina

Tell us about yourself Christina!

Christina grew up in Renton, WA.  Although overweight as a young child, was exposed to recreational sports. By High School, she loved the competition and camaraderie of team sports and scored herself positions on the Volleyball and Basketball teams. Working her way, very quickly, to Varsity for both sports.  Time passed and life took over until she started longing for that motivation again.  Realizing “that girl”(the overweight one) was yet again, overweight.  In 2010, she was introduced to CrossFit movements which led to her decision to join a box and once again have all aspects of fitness that she longed for: Competition, motivation, camaraderie.  She competed in her first Competition in December of 2013 and was hooked.  Lifting is one of her loves.  She realized that she wanted to share her passion for the sport and desire to help others in their journey. So April 2014, she completed her L1 Course and began coaching, later completing the CrossFit Mobility Course. “That girl” (Size 16, 210lbs) has gone to a Size 4, 150lbs and has more self-confidence and strength than ever imagined.   Her goals are to encourage and inspire others on their fitness journey. Being a Mom, she understands that not everyone can put in tons of time, but knows they can make the most out of the time they do have to reach their goals.