Coach Julia

Tell us about yourself Julia!

Since I am, and always have been, in love with all things athletic, I naturally fell in love with CrossFit when I tried it for the first time.

I have been involved with sports for as long as I can remember, playing high school/club volleyball as well as basketball in high school and college.  I simply adore all things competition.

Now being a wife, and a mother to a beautiful little girl as well as a volunteer firefighter, my life is very busy, but CrossFit allows me the opportunity to stay in shape getting the best workout possible in the time little time I have available.

And yet to me CrossFit is so much more than “just” a workout; it is an outlet, a unique family, my place to mold and create the best me… not just physically but also mentally.  CrossFit can show you how strong you truly are; how your body can break through those barriers your mind has set for you.  I never thought it possible that I could do pull-ups being nine months pregnant, but taking one day at a time, I discovered how truly strong my body could be.  CrossFit was the vehicle that demonstrated to me how truly strong I could be mentally as well as physically.  CrossFit is a life changing way of life, not just a way of working out… and I will never be the same!