Tell us about yourself Taylor!

My first experience with CrossFit was a lot like everyone else experiences, I was out of shape and tired of the normal gym scene.  My brother invited me to do a workout with him at his CrossFit gym and just like most of us I almost died from exhaustion by the workout… in less than 5 minutes!  From that very moment I was hooked.  What started as a means to improve my fitness quickly transition into my everyday passion.  The principals of overcoming my personal fitness barriers spread into all aspects of my life, enabling me to become the very best version of myself.  There is absolutely nothing that brings more excitement and joy to my life than watching others accomplish their goals, to achieve something they never thought was possible.  Today my goal is to share CrossFit with as many people as possible, to give others the opportunity to take control of their health and change their lives for the better in a fun and rewarding way.  CrossFit has become my way of life!